De nombreux parcours des mentions de master de l'Université Paris-Saclay sont enseignés en langue anglaise.

School Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food, Society and the Environment

Mention Agrosciences, Environment, Territory, Landscape, Forests:
Mention Integrative Biology and Physiology:
Mention Nutrition and Food Science:

School Biology, medicine and pharmacy

Mention Life Sciences and Health:

School Engineering, information science and technology

Mention Bioinformatics / Computational Biology:
Mention Electrical Engineering:
Mention Energy:
Mention Computer Science:
Mention Nuclear Energy:
Mention Mechanics:
Mention Materials Science and Engineering

School Basic sciences

Mention Chemistry:
Mention Physics:
Mention Mathematics and application
Mention Earth and Planetary Sciences, Environment

School Economics, Social Sciences and Management School

Mention Economics:
Mention Social Sciences: