Mission of the Institut Pascal

The purpose of Institut Pascal is to provide a meeting place for exchange of ideas, turned towards international collaborations, for all the scientific themes covered by the University Paris-Saclay. One of its main goals will be the conduct of thematic programs likely to attract high-level scientists and students from all over the world, and the hosting, under the best possible conditions, of the visitors participating in these programs. Another goal of the programs will be to enable young researchers to address and deepen the latest developments in their research field and related topics.


The IPA, widely open to the various communities, theorists as well as experimentalists, will encourage the participation of biologists, chemists, mathematicians, physicists, researchers in earth sciences and the Universe, as well as in information sciences and engineering, with the aim of facilitating exchanges and collaborations between the different disciplines, as well as at their interfaces with the human and social sciences.


IPa's mission will also include a component specifically targeted at Master's and PhD students, through the organization of courses and seminars for them, as well as a focus on popularizing research through organization of public conferences.

“Blaise Pascal – physicist, mathematician and philosopher symbolizes the emphasis on cross disciplinary work undertaken at Université Paris-Saclay.”