Institut Pascal’s Team and Board of Directors

The team working at Institut Pascal consists of six persons that devote either full-time or part-time.

Stéphanie Hessing acts as Administrative Director and is working full-time for the Institute. She participates in setting the Institute objectives and is responsible for the financial and administrative management.

Karolina Kolodziej shares her time between Institut Pascal and the LMTMS Laboratory. She organizes the programs that takes place at IPa and assists the Administrative Directors in the different administrative tasks.

Emmanuelle is working full-time at IPa. She is in charge of the conception and realization of the CMS (Content Management System) that will interface the demands of the visitors with the requests from Université Paris-Saclay to deliver access to its different facilities and help the program participants during their stay at IPA.


Denis Ullmo, the IPa Director, ensures the management of all the means at the disposal of the Institute. He is responsible for the assignment of all personnel that join the research unit,  as well as for all means allocated to members of the research unit by third parties. He is responsible for the health and safety of people employed within the institute. The Director of IPa chairs the Scientific Council.

For these two missions, The Director is attended by his two deputy-Directors and by his Administrative Director.

The two deputy-Directors of IPa are: Yves Balkanski, engineer researcher at CEA, and Jacques Bittoun, University Professor – Inpatient practitioner of Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine at Paris-Sud University, and Director of Institut Joliot at CEA.