The Institut Pascal funds and organizes a series of international thematic programs, typically lasting from four weeks to a trimester. These programs involve long-stay visits (≥2-3 weeks) of high-level scientists and engaging scientific events (seminars, courses...), thus creating a stimulating environment for initiating new collaborations, training young researchers, and enabling scientific breakthroughs.


Scientific Themes

The thematic programs may fall within any of the scientific fields covered by the Université Paris-Saclay, be they theoretical or experimental. They include for instance astronomy, biology, chemistry, climate science, computer science, earth science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. Propositions with a component in the humanities or social sciences are also welcome.


Program organisation and execution

The programs last between 4 and 12 weeks, bringing together leading experts from specific fields. Invited participants, from France or abroad, are requested to stay for at least 2 weeks, and longer stays are encouraged. The program schedule should be such that 15 to 60 visitors are present at any given time during the program. Such continuity is important to ensure productive interactions between the invited participants, as well as with local researchers.

The scientific coordinators of each program are responsible (with the help of the IPa-direction) for coordinating the scientific content of the schedule for the entire period, such as seminars, lectures, tutorials and informal discussions. The coordinators are encouraged to plan for a more traditional one-week workshop or conference that could attract more people.


The program selection process

The programs are selected by the scientific council. The selection criteria are:

- Scientific importance of the topic, timeliness, intellectual challenges
- Recognized leadership of the program organizers and participants
- Overlap with the research activities carried out in the Paris-Saclay environment
- Size of the community in the Ile de France area that the program can attract.