A meeting point for researchers from throughout the world

The Pascal Institute is a scientific hub, dedicated to research, innovation, the exchange of knowledge and the development of new ideas. The Pascal Institute aims to shape the identity and influence of the Paris-Saclay University, both regionally and internationally, as a place of intellectual excitement. The facilities, for which construction will be completed by the end of 2018, will allow numerous researchers from all over the world to unite, establishing new collaborations, exploring both new and common ideas and techniques while working on site.

An organization that embodies openness and is dedicated to excellence in science

The Pascal Institute aims to provide a welcoming platform for all of the laboratories and partners of the Paris-Saclay University.

The institute has two essential objectives: The establishment of programs likely to attract scientists and students from throughout the world, and the ability to welcome visiting scientists, providing the best possible conditions. With this perspective, a central role is played by the scientific council whose main function will be the selection of programs, relying if necessary on external experts. This council is composed of scientists of the highest international level and its composition reflects the variety of topics covered by the Institute.

A broad thematic spectrum serving all communities

The Pascal Institute, widely open to different communities, including both theorists and experimentalists, will encourage the participation of physicists, biologists, mathematicians, chemists, as well as researchers in information science and engineering, in order to facilitate exchanges and collaborations between different disciplines.

Call for Proposals

The new Call for Proposals for programs in 2020 and 2021 knows 10 December 2018 as a deadline. Please click here for the text of the call or contact us at institut-pascal@universite-paris-saclay.fr in case of further questions.

The first round of programs for 2019 and 2020 have been selected by the Scientific Council of the Institut Pascal. For short descriptions of these scientific programs, please see the Overview of Programs 2019-2020.


PSI2 :

les programmes de l’Institut Pascal « hors les murs »

Le bâtiment accueillant l'Institut Pascal (IPa) ne sera achevé qu'à la fin de 2018. Pendant la période 2017-2018, l'IPa fonctionne à travers une « Initiative de Recherche Stratégique » de l'université Paris-Saclay : les programmes thématiques PSI2.  Ces programmes, tout en gardant l'esprit des programmes qui seront organisés dès le printemps 2019 dans les murs de l’IPa, s'en distinguent par un format plus petit – à la fois pour leur durée et le nombre de personnes impliquées – et une couverture thématique recentrée sur la physique et ses interfaces. Ils sont accueillis dans différentes institutions de l’Université Paris-Saclay, en particulier l'IPhT de l'Orme des Merisiers et l'IAS du campus d'Orsay.

Plus d'information sur PSI2.

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