Laboratoire : Aimé Cotton (LAC)

Université Paris-Sud 

Téléphone : 33 1 70 27 05 67

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  • Sujets de recherche Light-matter interactions, coherent processes, lasers
  • Thèmes de recherche Communications quantiques et cryptographie post-quantique, photonique quantique, coherent processes in metastable helium; laser dynamics and noises
  • Mots-clés Quantum optics, Quantum dot, single photon, nanophotonics, microcavities

Publications importantes

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  • Labidi T., Fsaifes I., Xie W., Chatterjee D., Goldfarb F., and Bretenaker F., Phase evolution of the direct detection noise figure of a nondegenerate fiber phase-sensitive amplier, Opt. Lett. 43, 4546 (2018)
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  • Maynard M.-A., Bouchez R., Lugani J., Bretenaker F., Goldfarb F. and Brion E., Time-dependent phase shift of a retrieved pulse in o-resonant electromagnetically-induced-transparency based light storage, Phys. Rev. A, 92, 053803 (2015)
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  • El Amili A., Miranda B.-X., Goldfarb F., Baili G., Beaudoin G., Sagnes I., Bretenaker F., and Alouini M., Observation of Slow Light in the Noise Spectrum of a Vertical External Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 223902 (2010)
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