Date de l'événement : le 6 avril 2017
Bâtiment Digiteo Turing, INRIA Saclay (Palaiseau)
Vie de campus

Le département STIC vous propose de participer à un séminaire organisé le jeudi 6 avril 2017 à 15h au bâtiment Turing (Digiteo).

Ce séminaire sera animé par François Meyer (University of Colorado - Boulder) et aura pour thème "Tracking the Evolution of Dynamic Networks" :

To quantify the evolution of dynamic networks, one needs a notion of temporal difference that captures significant structural changes between two successive instants. We describe existing distances between graphs, and study their ability to reveal orgazitional changes. We propose a novel distance that can detect changes occurring on a graph at multiple scales. We develop a fast randomized algorithm to compute an approximation to this novel graph distance. We apply this novel distance to the analysis of a dynamic community graph. We detect the time at which the graph dynamics switches from a normal evolution - where balanced communities grow at the same rate - to an abnormal behavior - where communities start merging.

This is work in collaboration with Dr. Nathan Monnig, and Peter Wills.

Accès : Bâtiment Digiteo Turing, INRIA Saclay