Date de l'événement : le 6 mars 2018
CentraleSupélec, 9 rue Joliot-Curie, Gif sur Yvette
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Les « Saclay Crunch » sont conçus pour favoriser la collaboration entre start-ups, grandes entreprises partenaires du Paris-Saclay Seed Fund et les alumni de l’Université Paris-Saclay. Prochain rendez-vous le mardi 6 mars 2018 à 17h à CentraleSupélec.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER : Guillaume de Saint Marc, Chief Technology and Architecture Office at Cisco Research Lab

Pitches :

  1. Alancienne - Local and organic food delivery at your place
  2. Archibien - Platform for architect tenders
  3. Bloom at Work - Employee satisfaction tracker for B2B
  4. Edupad - Enables its user to publish collections of interactive exercises in tactile apps for iPad devices
  5. Eleveo - Team assessment software
  6. Fairjungle - Enterprise SaaS allowing to better manage companies travel expenses
  7. Illicorpo - SaaS to replace professional syndicate of real estate co-owners
  8. Julaya - SMS marketing with geolocalisation in Africa
  9. Pricemoov - Yield management for small car rentals
  10. 10RunOptics - Optic technology to detect objects on landing stripes.
  11. Totem - Food delivery for offices
  12.  Aletheion - Security solution based on NLP to detect fraudulous emails

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