Date de l'événement : le 3 juillet 2018
Université Paris-Sud - LCP
Bourse Jean d'Alembert
Affiche Chaire Miguel Valenzuela

Université Paris-Saclay hosts prestigious scientists as part of its "Chaires d'Alembert". These laureates give an "inaugural lesson": this seminar intended for all audiences will be given by the laureate of the Chaire, including a presentation by the host team.

After spending several years in the industry, Miguel Valenzuela is now a full professor in the Chemical Engeneering Dpt of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (México). Most of his work has been dedicated to the development of new heterogeneous catalysts for the oil industry, semiconductor photochemistry and hydrogen production.


Environmental pollution and energy shortage are two of the major challenges will face human society in the coming years. Hydrogen has been considered as a potential clean energy vector to solve these pressing problems.

Accordingly, all aspects related to the production, storage, transportation and use of hydrogen have been of increasing interest in recent years.

This conference will be focused towards hydrogen production processes, particularly, those assisted by light (e.g. semiconductor photocatalysis) on the analysis and advances of the diff erent nanomaterials employed, as well as to the devices used for their evaluation.