Date de l'événement : du 11 juin 2018 au 14 juin 2018
Vie de campus

JEELS 2018 will be held from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th of June 2018 at Porquerolles (France). Recent substantial advances in electron optics, gun brightness, electron monochromators, new spectroscopic instrumentation and detectors have motivated the development of multiple fast-electron-based spectroscopies capable of atomic-scale spatial resolution. JEELS 2018 will be a forum for discussing the current status, new developments and the perspectives for techniques, instrumentation, and data analysis.

The conference scope includes:

  • Electron spectroscopies (EELS, EDX, CL, EBIC…) for materials science
  • Advanced instrumentation, signal and image processing
  • Low-energy excitations
  • Theory applied to electron spectroscopies
  • Toward new spectroscopies: complementary contributions from electron and photon approaches

Key deadlines:

  • March, 15 : deadline abstract submission
  • April, 6th : oral contribution announcement
  • May, 4th : registration deadline

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