Date de l'événement : le 21 juin 2018
CentraleSupélec, Gif sur Yvette
Affiche Chaire Alberto Passalacqua

Université Paris-Saclay hosts prestigious scientists as part of its "Chaires d'Alembert". These laureates give an "inaugural lesson": this seminar intended for all audiences will be given by the laureate of the Chaire, including a presentation by the host team.

Alberto Passalacqua is a recipient of the Jean d’Alembert junior research fellowship at Université Paris-Saclay in the EM2C laboratory (Molecular and Macroscopic Energetics and Combustion Labor-atory). He is associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University, with a courtesy appointment in Chemical and Biological Engineering.


Polydisperse multiphase flows are encountered in a variety of applications of interest to the chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical industry, where several products are obtained through the interaction and reaction of substances in gas, liquid and solid phase.

Example applications involving these flows are the preparation of medications by means of precipitation, the formation of polluting particles in engines and the production of certain polymer-ic materials. They all fall into the category of
polydisperse reacting fl ows, which includes flows where particles, bubbles or droplets are present in a main carrier phase, and form (nucleation), evolve (aggregation, breakup, growth) and react (combustion, …).

The challenges of the theoretical description of these phenomenon will be highlighted, and an open-source implementation of this approach will be presented.

Place: CentraleSupélec, Amphithéâtre SC046 "Armand Peugeot", Bâtiment Bouygues, 9 rue Joliot Curie, 91 190 Gif-sur-Yvette.

Vidéo de Alberto Passalacqua

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