Summer School DMEE 2019 : July 8-12, Saclay (FRANCE)

This summer school is aimed at doctoral and master's students and post-doctoral researchers in mathematics and ecology and evolution.

The topic of this school is to broach different ecological and evolutionary questions, to introduce some biological concepts and mathematical models associated with these questions, and to discuss data sets allowing to confront models to reality and estimate some parameters of interest.

This summer school is part of a research program entitled "Ecosystem dynamics : stakes, data and models", that will take place at Institut Pascal from 17 June to 12 July 2019.




The summer school will be composed of 5 courses :

  • Sylvain Billiard : Stochastic models in ecology and evolution: Why? What for? What's next?
  • Amaury Lambert : Quantitative genetics and Fisher's geometric model in the post-genomic era
  • Stéphane Robin : Some statistical models for the analysis of ecological networks
  • Suzanne Touzeau: Modelling, identification and control in epidemiology
  • Steve Beissinger: Using Models to Inform Conservation

Several slots will be reserved for flash presentations of participants.

The complete schedule will shortly be available.

Organizing and scientific committee

Our team gathers probabilists, statisticians, ecologists and evolutionary biologists. Our aim is to gather scientists of different domains around data, models and concepts of ecology and evolution.


The summer school is fully funded, organized and hosted by Institut Pascal (University Paris-Saclay), which funds and organizes a series of international thematic programs aiming at initiating new collaborations, training young researchers, and enabling scientific breakthroughs.

This institution is located in France, in the city of Saclay which is 20km away from Paris. More informations are available here. Once your application has been accepted, you will be contacted by its administrative staff to arrange your accomodation. More informations concerning accomodation are available here.

To contact us

For any further question you can contact Camille Coron at this e-mail address.


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Practical Information

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