Exploring QCD with Tagged Processes

From 13/09/2021 to 22/10/2021

The workshop 'Exploring QCD with Tagged Processes' will be held at Institut Pascal of  the University Paris-Saclay.

The topics to be discussed will cover a wide field including all high energy nuclear reactions where nuclear fragments are detected, both with hadronic and leptonic probes. The goal of this program is to elicit detailed discussion on various aspects of the field, from the detector technologies to the theoretical treatment of the tagged processes. It will include discussions about key issues such as the few-body and many-body break-ups of the nucleus, the mesonic content of nuclei and nucleons, development of models describing final state interactions in semi-inclusive (deep) inelastic processes, incorporating the description of the short-range structure of the nucleus with the calculation of high energy scattering processes, as well as modeling hadronization processes that can be studied with tagging.

The 6-week program is intended for a relatively light schedule allowing much discussion and work time in the weeks 1, 3, 4 and 6. Two topical workshops with denser schedules are planned for weeks 2 and 5. The intended topics for the different weeks are as follows:

  • Week 1: Many body tagging, hadronization and measuring centrality in AA, pA and eA
  • Week 2: Experimental progress to measure tagged processes, in fixed target and collider settings
  • Week 3: Tagging light nuclei to understand nuclear effects
  • Week 4: Tagging light nuclei to access pion, kaon and neutron structure
  • Week 5: The future of tagging in fixed and collider kinematics
  • Week 6: Treating final state interactions in tagged processes

Support for attendance will be available, with a strong emphasis on promoting the participation of graduate students and postdoctoral associates.

For further information regarding the scientific content of the program, please contact one of the following organisers:

  • Wim Cosyn
  • Raphaël Dupré
  • Cynthia Keppel
  • Misak Sargsian 

For logistical information relating to the event, please contact the Institut Pascal Administrative team: institut-pascal@universite-paris-saclay.fr