In order to organize the selection of the architect for the Learning Center, it is necessary to write a program for the applicants. The program in question defines the way the future building will function and specifies several technical and environmental elements which form the basis for the contract between the University and the architect at the end of the process of selection. For that reason thorough work on the uses of the premises is essential.

Elements of the previous phase of pre-programming are used for the realization of the in-depth program. In the instance of the Learning Center project, we moved from one phase to another when new stakeholders, that is, new project managers, arrived and the project was consequently relaunched. Workshops were organized to gather all the persons involved and allow them to discuss the issues at stake. The intent was to cover all issues and mobilize everyone. Indeed, the human dimension of the project and the offer of services are as important as the building itself, which is why future users, professionals from the Learning Center team, partners from the Université Paris-Saclay and colleagues (professionals in Scientific and Technical Information, lecturers, professionals in Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education…) from other institutions all joined in the workshops.

The main focuses were:

- key themes for the Université Paris-Saclay: education, research, innovation

- crucial themes for Scientific and Technical Information: collections, circulation, digital technologies

- themes about living together: conviviality and reception

- themes about outreach: scientific outreach, culture

- spaces: professional environment.