French institution of higher education accredited to award doctoral degrees may conclude agreements with one or more foreign institutions of higher education enjoying the same prerogatives in their countries, in order to enable international joint supervision of thesis. International joint supervision is intended as a means of buttressing the international dimension of doctoral schools fostering mobility for doctoral candidates in different scientific and cultural arenas and scientific cooperation between research teams in France and abroad.

The international joint thesis supervision agreement may be a framework agreement along with, for each thesis, an enforcement agreement, or an agreement concluded specifically for each thesis.         

  • The doctoral project is the subject of an international research cooperation,
  • Doctoral candidates are enrolled each year in two doctoral programmes in two higher education institutions: one in France, the second abroad
  • Doctoral candidates are let under the responsibility of two supervisors, one in each country,
  • Doctoral candidates are integrated in two research units, one in each country,
  • The thesis shall be prepared over alternating periods between the institutions involved maintaining a balance and in accordance with the procedures set out in the agreement, the duration of their stay in France and in the partner country is at least one year,
  • Defence of thesis shall take place in a single session, 
  • Upon successful defence of thesis, the contracting institutions may award the doctor a doctoral degree from each of the two institutions, stating that the award was made as a consequence of an international cotutelle agreement 
  • The application for international joint supervision of thesis must be done before first enrolment in a doctoral studies programme at the University of Paris-Saclay. The agreement must be signed by all parties by the end of enrolment in the second year of doctoral studies at the University of Paris-Saclay,
  • The normal duration of a doctoral project is 3 years in France (with possible extensions by derogation). In the case of international cotutelles, the doctoral project can be planned for a longer period (4 years for example).