You are looking for an accommodation on the campus of the Université Paris-Saclay? Here is what you need to know.

BlueOlive / Pixabay

If you are a student, you can contact :

  • Héberjeunes provides housing services for students. It is located on the Paris-Sud university campus. .

If you are a researcher, you can contact :

  • Science Accueil, helps foreign scientists, doctorate students and interns find accommodation. Science Accueil housing services offer more than 3,000 accommodations around Saclay.






Please notice that some schools have their own accomodation program. That's the case for HEC, l'Ecole polytechnique and ENSTA ParisTech. If you're a student in one of these 3 schools, you will receive informations about it.


Projects to come

By 2020, several projects should be built on the campus of Université Paris-Saclay :

  • From 2018, 5000 new students's residences will be built. Accommodation would be of different types (rooms, studios, shared rentals in roughly similar proportions) and would represent a surface area of around 27 hectares. Accommodation for 2,500 staff members must also be taken into account (for purchase or rental), as well as residential areas to accommodate temporary workers (several thousand).
  • From september 2016, creation of a special office to simplify the procedures and shortens the time it takes to find accomodations on the campus.