The expansion of the campus of the Université Paris-Saclay will go hand-in-hand with a significant improvement in student accommodation, and the expansion of local services and shops.


Based on a new urban model

This urban project plans to design areas on project sites linked to neighboring towns. They will be:

  • Compact: to ensure this new urbanization remains within the strict limits set out, to organize transport more easily, to develop services and create a lively and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Mixed use: combining teaching and research activities, economic activities, residences, services and modes of transport, to create real community and residential areas, open to a variety of users: students and researchers, local residents, company employees and residents of neighboring towns.
  • Designed in collaboration with existing urban areas to guarantee the required complementarity: shared facilities, soft transport, links between the plateau and the valley.

Comprising pedestrianized and interconnected areas

The comfort of these new living areas will be supported by the dominant role of pedestrians and soft transport. This will be made possible with the improvement and reinforcement of public transport plans (Grand Paris Express, RER B and C-local train lines), and implementation of an efficient local network of buses and onsite public transport.Innovative systems and services for mobility will be an integral feature of this prime center for innovation.

Exemplary integration of an urban-meets-rural layout

The layout will draw on the hillsides and valleys that make up the remarkable surrounding countryside. The structure will therefore comprise urbanization, developed in accordance and in harmony with its surroundings.

The utmost priority for this “countryside policy”: preservation and promotion of a vast natural agricultural and forest area, which adds to the quality and contributes to the identity of the site.