The Paris-Saclay Campus: an attractive and socially oriented site

The ambition of Université Paris-Saclay is to create a campus that is open to the local community and to society generally, providing ideal conditions for working, living, entertainment and practicing sport.

Students and researcher-lecturers will have access to mixed, high quality living areas wherein student and family accommodation is intelligently mixed through a large programme of real estate investment.

All interconnected on the Paris-Saclay Campus

A unique student card gives access to all general services on the Paris-Saclay Campus: library (learning centre), IT services, Internet access and catering.


Every student and researcher-lecturer will be able to connect to a digital professional environment from anywhere within the Paris-Saclay Campus.

All establishments will be interconnected via a very high-speed Internet connection to facilitate collaborative work and scientific computing.

Students and teachers will have access to a learning centre, which will pool and facilitate access to high-value document databases.