It is multi-disciplinary with a strong focus on science and health and its research excellence is marked by many international awards, particularly in the fields of mathematics (four Fields Medals between 1994 and 2010) and physics (two Nobel Prizes). Université Paris-Sud is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe in terms of research and has been ranked in the Top 50 research universities in the world since 2012.

Université Paris-Sud brings together 82 internationally recognised laboratories and provides 30 technology platforms. Its education programme is characterised by a high integration of research in its courses from Bachelors’ to Doctorates. Université Paris-Sud hosts 32,000 students including 2,600 doctoral students and 5,200 foreign students from 145 countries, 4,300 lecturers, researchers and lecturer-researchers, and 2,500 engineering, technical and administrative staff.