The Institute for Technological Research SystemX is centered on digital engineering of complex systems.

SystemX was officially created on February 1st, 2012 as part of the “Investment for the Future” program put in place to support innovation in France. Unique IRT in Ile-de-France in the field of digital engineering of complex systems, SystemX meets today’s technological challenges through flexible, open, and collective innovation. Its research projects cover the scientific and technological challenges of the industrial sectors of transport and mobility, energy, digital security and communications.

Co-localization, SystemX’s cutting edge advantage

The functioning of the Institute is based on two fundamental aspects:

  1. The co-localization of its talents: the Institute brings together in one place all the project partners, thus creating a melting pot of interaction between stakeholders of public and industrial research.
  2. The pooling of skills and platforms: by reaching a critical mass, SystemX is able to provide a platform through the pooling of many skills and technological bricks.

Serve markets and usages

In order to meet the challenges faced by the industrialists in the design, modelling, simulation and testing phases of future innovations that include increasing amounts of digital technologies, SystemX set up four research programs:



Agile Industry or the digital transformation of engineering:

Methods, processes and software tools for optimized, robust design; digital simulation; collaborative engineering for complex systems; and digital channel tools for additive manufacturing.




“Autonomous Transport”  or the design of smart, safe and secure systems

Studies and simulation of secure and safe new architectures, including artificial intelligence, on behalf of smart and autonomous transportation, adapted to the latest forms of use.





“Smart Territories” or the user at the center of tomorrow’s territories

Decision-support tools for optimization and operational planning of smart regions.





“Internet of Trust” or the digital trust in the “Internet of Everything”

Cognitive and cybersecurity algorithms for intelligent control and optimal management of the networks of the future.



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