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The Pascal Institute « beyond the walls »

The present website calls for proposals in the framework of Ѱ², an Initiative de Recherche Stratégique of the Paris-Saclay University. The Ѱ²-project represents the starting phase of the scientific activity of the "Institut Pascal", which will be operational in 2019. The Ѱ²-project aims at fostering advances on important and challenging problems in Physical Sciences and their interfaces by bringing together in a single location some experts of the field for a sustained period of time.


Ѱ² will fund and organize a series of international thematic programs, each one lasting from 4 to 8 weeks. These programs will be based on long-term visits (≥2-3 weeks) of high-level scientists and on a lively scientific animation (seminars, courses ...), thus creating a stimulating environment for initiating new collaborations, training young researchers, and for stimulating scientific breakthroughs.

Ѱ² will run two series of programs in parallel : one devoted to Astrophysics and Cosmology and a second series of programs devoted to Physics and its interfaces.

For 2017 the Scientific Council already selected 4 programs and for 2018 and the first semester of 2019f the Ѱ² selected 6 more programs. Ѱ² will cover most of the costs of hosting invited participants for the selected program. The IdEx Paris-Saclay allocated a budget of 300 k € for the Ѱ² programs.

Organization and execution

Programs are expected to last between 4 and 8 weeks, bringing together leading experts on a specific topic. Invited participants, from France or abroad, are requested to stay at least 2 weeks, and longer stays are encouraged. The program schedule should be such that from 5 to 10 visitors are present at any given time during the program. Such continuity is important to insure fruitful interactions among the invited participants as well as with local researchers.

The scientific coordinators of each program are in charge (with the help of the Ѱ²-board) of setting up the scientific animation during the whole period: seminars, lectures, tutorials and informal discussions. The coordinators are encouraged to plan for a more traditional one week workshop or conference that could attract more people.


The programs will be selected by the scientific council. The selection criteria are:

  • scientific importance of the topic, timeliness, intellectual challenges;
  • scientific excellence of the invited participants, fraction of foreign guests;
  • overlap with the research activities carried in the Paris-Saclay labs;
  • size of the community in the Paris area that could attend the program;
  • interdisciplinary character of the program is a plus.

The Call for programs in 2018 is closed