The Learning Center will be the place for reading and writing at the Université Paris-Saclay. Open to all, it will bring together students, teachers, researchers, actors of the industry and citizens during exhibitions, conferences, debates and events that discuss different core subjects studied at the university. Located in the heart of the campus, it will offer dedicated areas, services, and contents to study, innovate, and spread knowledge. This place will be open 24/7 in order to assist all users.


The Learning Center will encourage creation by offering everyone the opportunity to publish physical or electronic copies of books through a "bookmachine". A video recording studio and specialized applications will also be available to users. Specific services will be dedicated to scientific writing and publication: bibliographic research, writing, training, creation of academic journals, text and data mining ... In line with the activities carried out by members of the Université Paris-Saclay (hackatons, literary prizes, international events), the Learning Center will also promote creativity and dissemination of knowledge.

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The Learning Center will support the diffusion of scientific and educational content throughout the University Paris-Saclay. Thanks to the resources from CentraleSupélec, Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and Université Paris-Sud, it will offer millions of books, journals and articles, available in hard copies or online, covering all areas of activity happening on the Moulon plateau: engineering, biology, pharmacy, chemistry, physics, human and social sciences... Professionals will be present to guide students, teachers, or researchers through the use the content and data available.


The Learning Center will offer dedicated spaces, services and a specific program to assist users and their innovative ideas. Being the main place for campus innovation monitoring, it will encourage its development and mediation through programs and support adapted to the different types of public. Every year will be particularly marked by the support of innovative projects around writing, tomorrow's uses of data and their dissemination.

Tell and Engage

Exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other events will allow the users to share their experiences and meet the different actors of the campus of Moulon, where the Ecole CentraleSupélec, the Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and the university Paris-Sud are located. Every year will be punctuated by a variety of events: debates, educational workshops, scientific demonstrations, meeting with of entrepreneurs or researchers, and other convivial moments. Exchanges will be encouraged by the access to modular spaces, public stages, patios and terraces, places to relax, and a brewery. Some spaces inside the Learning Center will also be available for booking to organize meetings with the help from our staff.