The Curies of Saclay aims to bring together the PhD scholarships and the postdoctoral students of Plateau de Saclay stemming from the Marie-Curie program to help their integration in France. Through the various activities available, granted students have the opportunity to expand their professional network, meet granted students from all over the world and to share their daily life experience in France. Thus, the Curies of Saclay participates to the excellence of the new Université Paris-Saclay by putting forward its international openness and its hospitality to foreigners.

Beyond the social life scope, the Community also assists participants in the organizations of their scientific diffusion activities as well as acquiring useful skills for their future professional carrier. Actions which turn out to be difficult to realize for someone unfamiliar with the French society and without contact in the country.

For registration please go to the Curies of Saclay's website.

For more information about the Community, please contact: Eugénia Shadlova and Samuel Costantin