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Last calls for proposals

Call for presentations – 2019 School of Humanities Masters’ Day

Monday 28 January 2019 - Education

The School of Humanities at Université Paris-Saclay is organizing the third edition of its Masters’ Day. This day of scientific reflection is...

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and for application

Faites partie des Villages Innovation de Paris-Saclay SPRING en soumettant votre innovation d'ici le 15 avril

Wednesday 27 March 2019 - Innovation

Vous faites partie d'un laboratoire de l'Université Paris-Saclay et vous avez une innovation ou un projet innovant à présenter ? ...

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Plus que 5 jours pour répondre à l'appel à projets Poc in labs

Monday 25 March 2019 - Innovation

Vous avez obtenu des résultats de recherche qui ont un potentiel applicatif et vous faites partie d'un laboratoire de l'Université Paris-Saclay ?

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Call for applications : IDEX Paris-Saclay International Doctoral Action - ADI 2019

Monday 11 February 2019 - Doctorats

Support for PhD projects as part of an international cotutella agreement

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Analyse cognitive des techniques d'apprentissage (ACTA 101)

Wednesday 14 November 2018 - Education

Les pratiques et les formations pédagogiques évoluent pour mieux individualiser les apprentissages et favoriser la réussite d’étudiants aux...

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Last news

Christine Baldeschi: skin grafting

Wednesday 19 June 2019 - Research

In her laboratory at the Stem Cell Institute for the treatment and study of monogenic diseases (i-Stem - Inserm/University d’Evry), Christine...

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Marie Cornu: protecting cultural heritage

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - Research

Marie Cornu is a research director at the Institute of Social Sciences of Politics (ISP) and is attached to ENS Paris-Saclay. After a first...

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L’Association Française d’Etude de la Concurrence élit notre collègue Muriel Chagny comme présidente.

Friday 07 June 2019 - Research

Muriel Chagny a été élue ce 23 mai 2019 présidente de l'AFEC, Association Française d'Etude de la Concurrence. Elle succède à Jean-Louis Fourgoux,...

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Thibault Cantat: transforming CO2 from sustainable energies

Tuesday 04 June 2019 - Research

Thibault Cantat is a researcher at the CEA and a chemist specialising in the chemistry of metals and their use in catalysis. For the past ten years...

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Notre-Dame's fire: French research is on the move

Wednesday 29 May 2019 - Research

Following to the tragedy that occurred on April 15, 2019 at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, where the roof was destroyed by a fire, the CNRS has...

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Debate: Why it is necessary to (re)give their rightful place to places of culture at the university

Wednesday 29 May 2019 - Research

Pierre-Paul Zalio, sociologist, university professor and president of ENS Paris-Saclay, recalls the importance of cultural facilities in universities.

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A citizen translation to (finally) read the latest IPCC climate report

Wednesday 29 May 2019 - Research

Valérie Masson-Delmotte, a climate science researcher at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences (CEA/CNRS/UVSQ), and Youba Sokona,...

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Université Paris-Saclay to become one of the LERU members in 2020

Monday 27 May 2019 - University

On May 18, LERU unanimously approved the replacement of Université Paris-Sud in 2020 by the new Université Paris-Saclay.

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Qu’attendons-nous d’une université aujourd’hui ? La contribution de l’Université Paris-Saclay au Grand débat national le 13 mars dernier

Friday 03 May 2019 - University

L’équipe de présidence de l’Université Paris-Saclay a saisi l’occasion du Grand débat national pour que figure au nombre des discussions et des...

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Cérémonies de remise de diplômes 2019

Thursday 25 April 2019 - University

La fin des cérémonies de remise de diplômes a sonné

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Ecotrail de Paris, 16-17 mars 2019 UPSaclay, un collectif qui gagne

Tuesday 26 March 2019 - University

Les 16 et 17 mars derniers, près de 70 personnels et étudiants de différents établissements de l’Université Paris-Saclay ont pris le départ des...

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Press conference: another month, another step towards 2020

Thursday 21 March 2019 - University

Université Paris-Saclay held a press conference on 19 February 2019, the purpose of which was to present its first major achievements. This was...

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"Decompartmentalization" and "operational changes": Sylvie Retailleau discusses some of Université Paris-Saclay’s key priorities

Monday 14 January 2019 - University

When she was interviewed by Jean-Philippe Denis on Xerfi Canal, Sylvie Retailleau – the Université Paris-Saclay President – discussed goals and...

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