Scientic Program DARKMOD


The acceleration of the expansion of the Universe at low redshifts has not received a satisfactory theoretical explanation yet. The value of a possible cosmological constant remains a puzzle and alternative approaches, dark energy or modified gravity, are still being developed. In view of the future observations by galaxy surveys, such as EUCLID for instance, it is timely to gather experts on both the theoretical aspects of dark energy and modified gravity, together with phenomenologists and observers.  

This 4-week workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss most aspects of both dark energy and modified gravity, from their theoretical construction to their link with observational cosmology.


During the weeks 1, 2 and 4, there will  be typically 1-2 lectures and/or 1-2 talks per day. There will be ample time for discussions to favour new collaborations.

During the week 3, there will be a one-week conference, on dark energy and modified gravity.

Although the focus may slightly vary with the week, the program remains centered on the dark-energy and modified-gravity issues. To facilitate collaborations and discussions between nearby topics, from observations to theory, we encourage participants to attend the workshop for 2 weeks.


Week 1: September 11-15


- P. Astier: "SNeIa, weak lensing"

- A. Blanchard: "Formation of large-scale structures, clusters of galaxies"

- M. Kilbinger: "Weak lensing"

- J. Rich: "BAO - Lyman-alpha"

- D. Langlois: "Introduction to modified gravity theories"

Week 2: September 18-22


- C. de Rham/A. Tolley: "Massive gravity"

- F. Vernizzi: "Effective Field Theory of Dark Energy"

Week 3: September 25 - 29


Week 4: October 2-6


C. Charmousis: "Compact objects in scalar-tensor and vector-tensor theories"

A. C. Davis: "Screening mechanisms in modified-gravity scenarios"


P. Astier

A. Blanchard

C. Charmousis

A. C. Davis

M. Kilbinger

D. Langlois

J. Rich

C. de Rham / Andrew Tolley

F. Vernizzi

Key workshop participants

L. Amendola

R. Ansari

A. Barreira

N. Bartolo

E. Bellini

D. Blas

Ph. Brax

C. Burrage

S. Clesse

P. Creminelli

R. Durrer

D. Elbaz

P. Ferreira

L. Heisenberg

K. Koyama

B. Li

M. Liguori

L. Lombriser

C. Marinoni

D. Mota

J. Neveu

T. Nishimichi

N. Nunes

N. Palanque-Delabrouille

V. Pettorino

M. Pierre

V. Ruhlmann-Kleider

E. Saridakis

I. Sawicki

F. Schmidt

S. Sibiryakov

P. Valageas

C. van de Bruck

A. Vikman

H. Winther