Helping decision-making and mastering complex dynamic processes.


The control theory for use in all the sciences

Disseminating the control theory

Highway traffic control, economic flow analysis, crowd movement safety, optimisation of radar networks, human-robot interaction, neural connections, etc., the iCODE project consists of applying control theory to very different scientific fields. It seeks to open up long-term initiatives with the Paris-Saclay laboratories, especially in the fields of the neurosciences, smart grids and the economy.

Control theory is still not well known by the other disciplines to which it could lend its support. That is why one of the goals of iCODE is to have new research subjects emerge.

Improving smart grids, advancing in neurosciences, understanding the economy better

How does one optimise the distribution of electricity? Through smart grids, extremely complex systems that will allow us to take better account of intermittent renewable energies and consumption peaks. They require constant control of all electricity generation, the grid load and the variations in consumption, using millions of sensors and smart meters. Likewise, optimising air traffic, designing infrastructures for driverless and connected cars, effectively stimulating certain areas of the brain to treat Parkinson’s disease, or even gaining a better understanding of the economy by considering the sometimes irrational behaviour of investors… all of this extremely diverse research has something in common: the use of control theory. This theory makes it possible to act on a system to reach a desired goal the most effective way possible.

The iCODE advantages

To bring together researchers from very diverse disciplines, the scientific environment of the Université Paris-Saclay offers this diversity and excellence. iCODE will first provide unification of the community of specialists in control theory, then share their research with other disciplines such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, informatics and the economy. iCODE will thus become the French centre of excellence for all issues related to control theory, as a result of the very wide range of issues covered.



Control theory concerns systems that evolve and can be acted upon. How does one bring these systems to the desired state, if possible in an optimal way? We must be able to regularly measure the state of the system and act on it using commands, but above all to define the best way to act at every second by calculating all of the possible transformations.

That is the essence of the challenge of the control theory, which brings into play several branches of mathematics, as well as informatics and the engineering sciences.


M. Chitour, Yacine
Chef de projet