Initiative doctorale interdisciplinaire (IDI)

This PhD thesis aims at demonstrating the possibility of integrating a quantum key distribution (QKD) device on a chip fabricated using silicon photonics, namely a technology based on optical waveguides integrated in silicon. The cryptographic protocol to be implemented is based on the so called quantum continuous variables, whose measurement necessitates homodyne or heterodyne optical detection techniques. This means that photon counters, which are in general difficult to use and have to be operated at low temperatures, are not necessary. All the components of the continuous-variable QKD system, including the modulators and the detectors, can then be integrated on the chip, which makes the use of this technology particularly appealing for realizing compact and low cost devices. The PhD thesis will address both fundamental (choice of the specific QKD protocol to be implemented, security proofs) and applied (design and optimization of the integrated photonic components) issues. It will be co-supervised by the LCFIO (Philippe Grangier) and the LTCI (Eleni Diamanti), who have invented and pursued the development of this technology through several publications and patents. Research work will be conducted in close contact with the IEF laboratory in Orsay and the startup company SeQureNet, which may exploit the obtained results. These can open entirely new perspectives by reducing the price and size of QKD devices by several orders of magnitude.


PhD student : PERSECHINO Mauro


Ecole doctorale de rattachement du doctorant :

EDOM (288)

Strategic axis connecting the subject :

Axis «Science and Innovation».


M. GRANGIER Philippe