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The Open Science monitor at Université Paris-Saclay 2021

The Open Science Monitor at Université Paris-Saclay provides a gauge to indicate the openness of scientific publications at Université Paris-Saclay.

As part of the national plan for Open Science, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) produced, in 2019, a Baromètre de la Science Ouverte(Open Science Monitor) to measure how open access French publications are.

The results presented below were compiled according to the protocol and computer code developed by the MESRI, which was used for the national monitor. The computer code put online by MESRI was re-adapted and shared in turn by Université de Lorraine , in order for it to be applied to a university context. Data processing and graph creation were carried out using this code.

Source data for Université Paris-Saclay’s Open Science Monitor come from Scopus, Web of Science, HAL;, Pubmed. Data extraction was partly carried out via the university bibliometric app, BiblioLabs, in November 2021.

The scope studied includes all publications from research units for which Université Paris-Saclay is either a supervisor or partner. Monitors from different associate institutions (Université d’Evry and Université Versailles Saint Quentin) are also online.

Thanks to methodology improvements brought by UVSQ, all publications from HAL are now included in this monitor, even if they don’t have a DOI.


Données de l'Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay data

Université Paris-Saclay data

Université Paris-Saclay data. This graph shows the 20 most represented publishers within Université Paris-Saclay.

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