L’objectif principal du laboratoire SABNP est d’obtenir des informations structurales, moléculaires et fonctionnelles sur le cytosquelette de microtubules en conditions physiologiques ou sous l’effet de dérèglements pathologiques.

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Summary :

Our main objective is to provide structural and functional information to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the function of biomolecules involved in basic processes required for life (cell division, migration and motility; cyto-architecture; intracellular trafficking, signaling...) and to derive lessons to understand the impact of the alteration of those biomolecules resulting from degeneration or pathogenic mutation. The fundamental results obtained in the laboratory will be used for in silico Drug Design in association with the Synsight spinoff to develop drug candidates targeting molecules of interest in the biomedical field.

A part of the research deals with the pursuit of biotechnological development of fluorescent diamond nanoparticles as innovative marker for biomolecules and multifunctional platform for material and physical science and applications. This work is developed in close collaboration with the DiamLite spinoff Company and in collaboration with the future Material institute of UPSay.

To carry out the projects we emplyed a multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to compare information from atomic solution structure (NMR), nanometer structure (atomic force microscopy), molecular modeling and dynamics of biomolecules with functional data obtained by biochemical and cellular investigations.

The research in the laboratory is organized in forth main themes as follows:

Theme I : Dynamics of the cytoskeleton   

To provide basic information by different experimental approaches, from molecule to cell biology, on the dynamics of the tubulin/microtubules and actin cytoskeletons studying proteins and small molecules that regulate these dynamics. Steering: Patrick CURMI et Andrea BURGO

Theme II : Cell and Molecular Biophysics

To develop innovative research to bridge cell biology and molecular biophysics. The research will concern the dynamics of microtubules and its interaction with cell-cell communication and the dynamics of stress granule assembly in different contexts. Steering: David PASTRE

Theme III : Structural Bioinformatics  

Molecular modeling and dynamics of biomolecules studied in themes I and II. Research on GPCR with a particular interest in signaling affecting the cytoskeleton. Research on the impact of pathogenic mutations on the folding and function of proteins altered in selected genetic diseases. Steering: R Charbel MAROUN

Theme IV : Diamond nanoparticles

To progress on the biotechnological development of fluorescent nanodiamonds in tight links with collaborator at UPSay and the DiamLite spinoff Company.  Steering:  Marie-Odile DAVID.