Le Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l’Information (LTCI) est un laboratoire de recherche propre de Télécom ParisTech. Il succède et prolonge, depuis janvier 2017, le travail effectué au sein de l’UMR CNRS du même nom.

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LTCI (Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l’Information) is a joint research laboratory between Télécom ParisTech and CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). Since 1982, LTCI is known for its wide coverage of the field of Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies. Computer Science, Networks, Signal and Image Processing and Digital Communications are at the heart of LTCI. The lab is also active in areas of Electronics, Optical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

LTCI has a staff of about 400, among which 130 faculty members (researchers or professors) and about 220 PhD students, organized in 14 research groups. The lab's scientific production amounts to 650 publications per year in international journals and conferences. LTCI also develops stable partnerships with private companies through research chairs and joint laboratories.

Within Université Paris-Saclay, LTCI is strongly involved in Digicosme (Digital Worlds: Distributed data, programs and architectures), LMH (Hadamard Mathematics Labex), the SystemX institute for technological research and the projects ISN (Institute for Digital Society), Nano Design, CDS (Paris-Saclay center for data science) and PIM (Physics and Engineering in Medicine). LTCI is also part of the national network of Carnot Institutes.