Créé en 1995, l’Institut Droit Ethique Patrimoine (IDEP) est une équipe d’accueil qui rassemble en son sein plus de trente enseignants chercheurs accompagnant dans leurs recherches un nombre équivalent de doctorants. L’institut a pour vocation de promouvoir la recherche en droit privé, dans tous ses aspects, à l’échelon tant national, qu’européen ou international.

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Véronique Magnier, co-directeur de l’IDEP - Pierre Callé, co-directeur de l’IDEP

Created in 1995, the Institute for Private Law, Ethics, and Patrimony (Institut Droit Ethique et Patrimoine- IDEP) is a research center which brings together thirty full and associate scholars accompyning doctoral students in their research. The Institute aims at promoting academic research in diverse fields of private law, in all their strands, at the domestic and European levels, as well as at the international level.The Institute is located in the offices of the Department of Law, Economics, and Management of Université Paris-Sud, in Sceaux. The Institute provides a research library which occasionally serves as a conference room, as well as a research center for both researchers and PhD candidates. The institute’s library includes over a 1000 books in its collections, covering such fields as private law, international private law and comparative law. Its collections also include over a hundred highly specialized books from a research collection funded by the Regional Chamber of French Notaries.

The Institute consists of four research departments. These departments operate on a relatively autonomous basis, so as to fully explore each area of research within the Institute. Both scholars and Doctoral students are involved in the research. The first of the four research areas covered by the Institute is contract law. Research in this field mainly focuses on the harmonization of contract law at the European level. Another of the Institute’s research areas is business law. Research in this field focuses on current and highly innovative aspects of business law, in relation to business ethics and corporate governance. Patrimonial law is a rich and diverse area of research focusing on notarial law. The Institute’s fourth main research area focuses on arbitration and litigation.

In addition to academic summits and conferences frequently held under the scientific supervision of IDEP researchers, , the Institute for Private Law, Ethics, and Patrimony (IDEP) provides a venue of choice for doctoral candidatespost-doctoral fellows and full researchers providing for rich academic debates and discussions and contributing to the open-mindedness and support that lead to high-quality research. The Institute’s four departments contribute greatly to these intellectual dynamics.

The Institute for Private Law, Ethics, and Patrimony (IDEP) is greatly involved in academic research at the international level. Each year, the IDEP welcomes visiting professors, lecturers and post-doctoral fellows from Europe (Italy, the Netherlands, UK), North America (Canada, US), South America (Brazil). IDEP researchers are invited to take part in international academic summits and conferences on a regular basis. Furthermore, they contribute articles to international and foreign academic journals. The Institute strongly encourages its doctoral students to spend several semesters abroad as visiting researchers, at renowned university research centers around the world.

Capitalizing on its strong reputation, the IDEP has secured solid partnerships with internationally renowned university research centers (Montréal, Queen Mary, Tilburg), high institutions (French Cour de cassation, Cour d’appel de Paris), professionals (Paris Chamber of Notaries, French Institute of companies’ Directors (IFA)), as well as global law firms (EY Société d’Avocats). IDEP partners are involved with Master 2 students (supervised by the IDEP), as well as with IDEP doctoral students.


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