Its mission is to assess and improve the treatment of motor dysfunctions affecting the upper and lower limbs and the respiratory system, in patients with inappropriate muscle activity. It holds the only platform in France with appropriate equipment and trained personnel to carry out electrophysiological, 3D, biomechanical, isokinetic, and postural assessments for these patients.

The EA 4497 is also involved in preclinical research on mechanical ventilation, i.e., bench studies and modelling of simulated mechanical ventilation, in collaboration with the Inserm U955 Team 13 (Bruno Louis), which is developing a sub-branch in EA4497. Three patents were recently filed. A recent publication on the effects of anodal tDCS over the leg motor area on lumbar spinal network excitability (PubMed identifier, 21502292) was among the three articles most often uploaded from J Physiol 2011. Research on the effects of mechanical ventilation on phonation (PubMed identifiers, 12406841 and 20535605) and swallowing (PubMed identifiers, 17110642 and 20535605) has significantly improved the care of ventilated patients and their quality of life, as well as contributed to the development of novel ventilation devices.

This EA is setting up a translational research team (head, M. Bonay) located in the UVSQ Health Sciences Centre (Montigny-le-Bretonneux).
This team develops murine models to investigate :

  • the effects of post-SCI rehabilitation and exercise on immunity ;
  • innovative treatments aimed at improving functional respiratory recovery after partial cervical SCI (UVSQ junior chair of excellence S. Vinit).

Heterotopic ossifications (HO) after CNS lesions are for the first time being modelled in transgenic mice, in collaboration with the Haematopoietic Stem Cells Department of the Mater Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia (F. Genet). This experimental activity will be implemented in the building of the University of Health Sciences Center in 2013. In addition, experiments using a database of Ray patients surgically treated for troublesome HO have been launched within a network including Inserm U972 and Military Percy hospital (PubMed identifiers: 21304993 and 19880896).

EA 4497 is also incubating a nutrition and metabolism unit (head, J-C. Melchior). This unit is involved in research projects, in collaboration with MICALIS unit, UMR 1319 of INRA Jouy-en-Josas (head, J. Doré), on nutritional and metabolic complications and is investigating the gut flora of patients with motor disabilities.




M. LOFASO Frédéric
Directeur adjoint
Mme RAZIK Sophie