EGCE focuses on evolution and biodiversity.

It adopts a multidisciplinary approach involving genomics, genetics and ecology at various levels, from genomes to species and even to communities. Different aspects of evolution are studied: adaptation, speciation, interaction between genomes and the environment, interactions between species within ecosystems and, at individual level, behavior or genome plasticity.

These themes run through the activities of all the groups.

EGCE is composed of seven groups:

  • Gene networks, development and evolution (RESGEN), leader Didier Casane
  • Genetic interactions and invasive genes in populations (IGGIPOP), leader Aurélie Hua-Van
  • Polyploidy, architecture and genome complexity (POLYGNOME), leader Nicolas Pollet
  • Cognition, reproduction and adaptation in bees (Evolbee), leader Jean-Christophe Sandoz
  • Pheromones, food, chemioreception and sexual selection (PACS), leader Frédéric Marion-Poll
  • Diversity, ecology and evolution of tropical insects (DEEIT), leader Laure Kaiser-Arnaud
  • Evolution and plasticity of cognitive capacities (EPCC), leader Frédéric Méry.

EGCE also has 3 technical services (Sequencing, Genotyping, Microscopy) and shared animal breeding services.



Mme MONTCHAMP Catherine
Mme JOLY Dominique
Mme HARRY Myriam