Producing a compact source of directional X-rays, with high performance, very bright, monochromatic and with adjustable energy for application to the field of medical science (imaging and therapy) and social science (artistic heritage), technology and industry

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Developed in partnership with the academic world and the participation of manufacturers, the ThomX project covers a wide scientific field ranging from medical applications (static and dynamic imaging, 3D mammography screening, bronchography, angiography, radiography) to social sciences (heritage material analysis study, dating of works of art, non-destructive analysis of underlying drawings), and disciplines such as crystallography, chemistry, metallurgy and biology.

A dedicated source like ThomX could be installed in a hospital, providing a significant increase in the access of patients and researchers and a significant clinical impact.

Currently, only one very high flow machine is operational (in the USA), but the increasing international activity shows that these machines can represent a new generation of light sources.

The project will offer considerable potential for training excellence for young researchers as a result of scientific specialists in the areas of particle accelerators and relativistic radiation, lasers, thin layers and X instrumentation, as well as the participation of French partners globally recognized as leaders in their fields – in medical sciences on synchrotrons, and in the field of artistic heritage.

After the prototyping stage, the industrialization process will be launched in cooperation with Thales, a world leader in lasers and accelerator systems.

There is a tremendous market potential at the national and international levels, for both regional and interregional centres, and for countries wishing to gain access to sources that are compact, much less burdensome than major infrastructures.