Creating in Saclay a triangle (research, innovation and higher education) for the science of materials, composed of a centre for the development of nano-objects, a centre for nanocharacterisation and a centre for exploring new properties of matter.

The field of nanotechnology seeks to explore matter and discover new properties or effects which will form the components of the future. To do this, research is needed in the area of the development and characterisation of nano-objects.

In 10 to 15 years, this project will open the way, for example, to the discovery of new components with very low energy consumption, or even components to improve data security (quantum cryptology).

The project will constitute a critical mass and a scientific combination unique in the world, and will participate in the growing influence not only of the Saclay centre but of France.

This infrastructure will be open to the programmes of Master’s and doctoral schools and will also motivate the creation of new training modules adapted to the future challenges of nanoscience.

Several large industrial groups are involved in the project (Total, Saint-Gobain, Thales and Arkema) because they are all looking for new concepts/materials using new properties of matter.