The Super Separator Spectrometer (S3) is a device for innovative research designed for experiments in basic physics with very high intensity, stable, heavy ion beams from the superconducting linear accelerator at the SPIRAL2 facility at GANIL. S3 will thus contribute significantly to various areas, such as fusion plasma, stellar and interstellar plasma and hadron therapy (cancer treatment).

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The intensities of SPIRAL2, unique in the world, combined with the highly efficient S3 facility, will open new horizons to nuclear physics (the study of super-heavy elements with the ultimate goal of producing new elements and thus completing Mendeleev’s periodic table, the study of neutron-deficient nuclei to broaden the understanding of the nuclear structure away from stability). The S3 project is also dedicated to atomic physics (study of interactions between two beams of ions).

Applications such as hadron therapy in cancer treatments, or fusion energy as the energy of the future, are of considerable interest to society.

This device is a major element of the research conducted by international cooperation (France, United States and Belgium) and interdisciplinary partnerships in atomic physics (France, Germany and the Netherlands).

GANIL participates actively in the activities of research training (100 doctoral and post-doc students per year), in an international environment. These young students and researchers receive, in addition to the contribution from GANIL, that of CNRS (IN2P3), CEA (DSM) and ENSICAEN.

The industrial applications are part of the activities of GANIL, which works at enhancing its research with industrial partners. Access, especially to very high intensity S3 ion beams, will open new opportunities for the industrial partners.