Development of a spectrometer dedicated to research on new materials to be applied to the areas of batteries and biofuels, research that will contribute to making France a world leader in the development of new energy technologies

Observing and understanding physical and chemical phenomena at the heart of matter provides optimization of the performance of existing materials and prepares those of tomorrow.

This research is fully integrated into the objectives of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and production of energy from renewable resources, by seeking to optimise the performance of batteries (for example, for use in the electric and hybrid vehicles) and to optimise biofuel production processes.

ROCK is a high intensity synchrotron beam used in batteries and catalysts, with no equivalent in Europe.

The master’s programme “Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry”, within the context of Erasmus Mundus, provides training in the spectroscopic techniques. A second master’s programme on “Materials for energy storage and conversion” has just been created. It will offer additional training on the capabilities of the synchrotron radiation.

Mastery of new energy technologies is an essential issue for the competitiveness of the French industry.