The project demonstrates a new concept of frequency reference from the distribution of an ultra-stable carrier coming from an atomic source by using the Internet. There are many fields of applications, from the prevention of seismic risks to the design of a more secure transportation system.

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The novelty of such equipment opens the way to many high precision experiments – ultra-precise atomic and molecular spectroscopy, measurement of fundamental constants in physics – and will be able to address fundamental scientific issues, such as the exploration of spatial and temporal variations of basic constants.

The project will have a societal impact on the development of new systems of stabilisation which can be implemented in transportation systems to make them more secure, as well as in the field of seismic sensors, which can thus mean a more precise network and, therefore, a better prediction of seismic phenomena and better prevention for populations.

The project results in the creation of a huge experimentation loop unique in Europe which can serve as a model for the area of basic physics and geodesy. The network gets a portion of the investments from France in RENATER. It is a first step for the construction of a network on a European scale, with a first proposed extension to Germany with the support of the DFN (German academic network).

Thales Electron Devices and EADS SODERN have already stated their interest in being connected to this network. In addition, the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the IDIL company could have significant economic benefits by becoming the reference for seismic detectors and by providing additional applications to systems of existing geolocation.