This project is a research platform on groups of children followed from birth, in order to understand how conditions in the perinatal period and the social and environmental context affect the development, health and socialisation of children, from the intrauterine period to adolescence.

The platform will give access to many related data collected from the Elfe and Epipage groups: social, demographic, health, biological and imaging data from surveys of families, doctors, the organization of health reviews and biological collections, or by secure pairing with other data sources. This instrument opens new areas of interface investigation among the life sciences and human and social sciences.

The study of early determinants of children is a major challenge for the generations to come within a context of major changes in dietary practices, exposure to new products and changes in family situations.

RE-CO-NAI will represent a critical platform for the structuring of data in the field of childhood both at the national level as well at the international level, where it will become the standard that other countries will join in order to enrich it. Coordination with Great Britain is already planned before European coordination is set up.

This secure source of information on the development of a total of 20,000 children will have a major impact for different areas, whether for the definition of public policies or even for organisations and manufacturers who are interested in children.