PATRIMEX is a multi-site platform dedicated to research (analysis, conservation and restoration) related to material heritage in all its forms (monuments, paintings, artefacts, books, manuscripts, archives).

This platform is characterised by the synergy of the human sciences and natural sciences for:

  • understanding the material supports that make up the heritage objects from the point of view of their characteristics: physical, historical and cultural;
  • acquiring a better understanding of the influence of the environment on these objects;
  • knowing old restoration techniques while keeping track of restorations made and developing new ones, with innovative materials and less invasive methods.

Through the prestigious heritage institutions that are stakeholders in the project (Louvre, Versailles Castle, National Library of France, National Archives, etc.), the PATRIMEX platform will constitute an innovative support for the dissemination of cultural heritage, particularly through the museum projects and exhibits.

PATRIMEX will put France in a position to participate even more intensively in the European CHARISMA project, as well as to contribute to the DARIAH European infrastructure related to Digital Humanities and, more generally, to take its place in the creation of an international community dedicated to all the sciences of heritage.

The results obtained by PATRIMEX will reduce the cost of preservation and restoration operations which are borne by public institutions. The platform, particularly through its involvement in the process of training in the heritage trades, will also contribute to the development of private enterprises involved in this sector of activities.