Advancing in the understanding of biological processes and in the prediction of their behaviour as a function of genetic or environmental variations.

The in vivo analysis of entire organisms at high resolution today represents a challenge because there is no means of visualising that makes the link between the photonic microscope and the electron microscope. By combining various tools, the MORPHOSCOPE2 project should make it possible to eliminate this methodological block, and thus to better understand the functioning of biological systems.

The project will lay the foundations for personalized medicine and the design of intelligent therapies that will result in more reliable early diagnoses and the development of more efficient therapeutic protocols, which will have a major impact on people’s health.

This platform, which has no equivalent at the international level, will be available to the local, national, European and international scientific community. It will allow research teams to have powerful tools to view and analyse integrated systems at the level of cells or of the whole body, taking into account the genetic, molecular and cellular parameters over time. This project will allow France to be a world leader in the field of biological systems.

The project will result in the creation of tools for the rapid analysis of molecules on varied living organisms, a true innovation in the field of imaging and diagnosis. Several locally established companies, Imagine Optic (Orsay), Fastlite (Palaiseau) and L'Oréal (Aulnay-sous-Bois) have already expressed an interest in using the platform and developing partnerships with academic participants. This project is also directed to pharmaceutical manufacturers for which this equipment will ensure a renewed sense of competitiveness.

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