PlatefMulti-factorial, multi-scale and multi-disciplinary platform for individual and social memory, based on written, oral and audio-visual evidence of two tragedies in contemporary history: the Second World War and the attacks of 11 September 2001.

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200 “Inspot” sensors will be installed in places such as the World War II Memorial in Caen to experimentally analyse the distinction between the passive attraction caused by the images and the active attraction caused by the texts.

The platform will make it possible to measure the impact (cognitive or emotional) on the public at large of the various ways of presenting history.

The project, virtually unparalleled in Europe, is structured with the program “Memory and Memorialisation: Representing Trauma and War”, developed at the International Joint Unit of the CNRS located at New York University.

Schools and students represent more than 40% of the visitors to institutions such as the Caen Memorial.

Some museum institutions, as well as some television channels, might be interested in the Matrice platform.