The main scientific issue of the project concerns the major scientific challenges and the industrial challenges surrounding the development, characterisation, modelling and simulation of the behaviour of materials and structures.

The scientific project is strongly motivated by the complexity of interconnected phenomena on different scales, ranging from the atom to the scale of the structure, and the industrial challenges are proportional to the scientific investment: mass reduction, financial cost and environmental cost.

The fields of application are quite varied: energy, transportation, space, micro-electronics, biomaterials and nanotechnologies, all have a societal interest.

This project constitutes an exceptional opportunity to create on the Saclay Plateau a true unifying project and a centre of excellence in the field of mechanics, materials and structures, unique in France.

This project brings together 700 permanent people and doctoral students.

The partners of the project (ONERA, ECA (DMN/SRMA Saclay), ECP (MSSMAT), EDF (LAMSID-CNRS-CEA Clamart), ENS Cachan (LMT), ENSTA ParisTech (Department of Mechanical Engineering), MINES ParisTech (CDM), Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech (LMS)), offer considerable opportunities for training excellence.