Purchase and availability of satellite coverage of the entire French territory (images at different times and by different sensors), with special attention given to urban environments. This project also plans to make available scientific computing abilities to deal with this information, and a device to support methodological research.

Learn more at the Equipex GEOSUD website.

Support for research on spatial information processing techniques and research on the dynamics of ecosystems by providing the link between the collection of earth observation data and their use by researchers

Provision of high definition images of France and analysis software, which can be used for managing land, monitoring the environment, preventing natural hazards (flooding, fires), etc.

The GEOSUD platform has the features required to be one of the components of the international infrastructure GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) being set up in the field of climate science and biodiversity management.

The equipment will be used particularly in the master’s-level Computer/Environment interface program developed in Montpellier. Specific training in the use of satellite images will also be implemented.

The information produced will result in savings generated by the streamlining of decisions regarding the management of resources of the environment.