The purpose of the project is to extend the activities of the existing platform on the CEA immunovirology site with a centre for mass cytometry, a new technology allowing complex phenotyping of mammalian cells.

As a result of FlowCytech, researchers will have a very powerful tool to highlight new bio-markers and validate new antiviral strategies and vaccines.

This platform is a turning point for the development of various projects on innovative therapies and, in particular, infectious disease animal models (HIV, chikungunya virus, for example).

This project plans to implement a new technology of mass cytometry, with advanced expertise in clinical and pre-clinical research, which will be available to the scientific community on the regional, national and European level.

This technical plateau will offer excellence training to many students, as well as the organisation of international congresses every year.

This partnership project will be linked to a website presenting the various tools and services offered; this will be an opportunity for companies to test the effectiveness of vaccines or new treatments.