The FIT (Future Internet of Things) project seeks to establish a national hardware and software network in order to test future Internet technologies in real size.

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The scientific challenges of the Internet should decrease by using the resources of the dynamic network, total interoperability and an almost infinite capacity for expansion.

The impact for the individual is at the level of total connectivity with an availability of new, faster technologies, adapted to mobility and responding to concerns of security.

As a result of this network, France will be the European leader and will play a more important role in the ICT Lab (KIC IET) project. It also positions France at the international level through a contribution to the Planet Lab project, an international platform for the Internet of the future.

Training will be important through the ICT Lab project, for which France is the leader of training for the Internet of the future, and this platform on the national network will be a decisive element for anticipating future generations of e-education.

The project seeks to test new hardware and software technologies in real size. It will be a laboratory for manufacturers, who will be able to put their products on the market faster, both technologies and applications (uses). The development of new uses may mean the creation of many start-ups.