The CASD is creating a highly secure infrastructure providing researchers with access to detailed individual databases. It will allow sorting of files from various existing surveys and will provide its users with modelling tools.

Making detailed individual data available to researchers constitutes a significant step forward that is essential to the development of economic and social sciences such as health and the environment. Up to now, due to a lack of equipment with a sufficient security level, such a provision has not been possible.

The CASD provides resources for a better understanding of societies and contemporary economies while guaranteeing respect for the privacy of individuals.

This project gives French researchers the tools they have until now lacked when compared to their European and North American (Canada, USA) competitors. This will allow France to develop a missing brick in a national infrastructure for production and management of data for the human sciences (PROGEDO) and lends credence to France’s role in the construction of a European infrastructure.

The CASD participates in the training of doctoral students and researchers in quantitative techniques and the possibilities offered by the methods of data sorting.

The CASD enables research while avoiding the establishment of specific difficult investigations.