This project sets up a new experimental centre based at the Paris-Saclay Campus, dedicated to the study of dynamic high-speed electronics in diverse fields: atomic and molecular sciences, chemistry, solid state physics and plasma physics. The work carried out at this new frontier of science will find revolutionary applications, particularly in the area of surgery.

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“Attoscience” attempts to understand in detail the fundamental processes involved in nuclear and electronic movement inside matter. In solid-state physics, these tools will provide studies on magnetic and highly correlated materials, by opening up a new perspective on materials for electronics, photovoltaics, optoelectronics and superconductivity. With regard to plasma, the possibility of controlling the coherent attosecond dynamics of free electrons provides keys to producing secondary sources of X-rays and energy particles.

The impact of the research will enable development of new surgical treatments by using intense, ultrashort pulses or secondary sources of x-rays and/or energy particles.

Ultrafast dynamics is experiencing a major boom and has gained considerable interest throughout the world. Europe occupies a very strong position in this context, based on its excellence in optics and laser physics, the dissemination of “attosecond technology” through European research networks, and the success of R&D partnership that combines academic and industrial laboratories. The ATTOLAB project will make it possible to strengthen the French position of excellence in this area of fundamental research, which shows great prospects for innovation.

The expected repercussions at the industrial level will focus on companies in the Paris area in the field of lasers and ultrafast optical diagnostics.