Building a new generation of systems to analyse the properties of matter by using high-energy nanoparticles to bombard samples of matter.

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  • to science

In the field of nanotechnology, there is a great need for tools for very high resolution surface analysis, complementary with mass spectrometers or electronic microscopes. The main advantage to standard techniques lies in the simplicity of preparing samples.

  • to the public

This project will have significant impact in the field of health, particularly in the field of detection and prevention of salmonellosis.

  • to the French research system

This type of instrument will be unique in Europe and currently only the United States has one. It will enable France to complete its range of nanocharacterisation techniques.

  • to training

The instrument may be used by doctoral and post-doctoral students both for a better understanding of the properties of matter and also for the field of high-resolution instrumentation.

  • to the economy

From an industrial point of view, the success of this type of tool will provide marketing and use in various fields such as astronomy, health and energy.