Bandeau dept p2i

Le département Physique des deux infinis (P2I) mobilise plus de 1500 personnes autour des questions fondamentales de la physique des deux infinis et des thématiques interdisciplinaires avec lesquelles il a de fortes interfaces : Santé et Énergie Nucléaire.


In the scope of the Université Paris-Saclay, the P2I Department brings together more than 1,500 people (60% of the national community) in relation to the fundamental questions of Physics of Particles, Interactions and of the Origins and interdisciplinary subjects with which it has strong interfaces: Health and Nuclear Energy.

Members of an internationally recognised research centre (particularly, within TGIR (large research infrastructures), such as those at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), P2I teams endeavour to respond to issues related to the building blocks of the Universe and the fundamental laws that govern their evolution. This schematically brings together particle physics, nuclear physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology from an experimental and theoretical point of view.

Its research teams and engineers have an often unique scientific and technical expertise at a national level in advanced areas, such as particle accelerators, detectors, imaging, microelectronics, ultra-fast electronics, distributed computing, high precision mechanics or superconducting magnets.

Based on its experimental and theoretical knowledge, the P2I Department has, for several decades, been able to develop many interdisciplinary activities on which it often provides unique expertise. Original contributions from P2I teams are also recognised in related areas: exploration of matter, biology and environment. All these basic and applied activities lead to a broad range of societal consequences, that may be direct, through interdisciplinary subjects (Health and Nuclear Energy), or indirect, via promotional activities and strengthening business networks and links to the business world.

In addition to its scientific objectives and associated societal consequences, the P2I Department has many education courses and strong extension activities.